Sunday, August 7, 2016

Trip to NCSU for Biotech

On July 25, 2016 some of the Falcon Biomanufacturing team traveled to NCSU and we stayed at University Towers for a whole week. While at NCSU we worked in the BTEC Lab, basically having a crash course of what we will be doing in our Biotechnology class and the experiences. We toured Novozymes Inc., BRI Inc., the NCSU campus, and Hunt Library. Several mentors talked to us in small groups, we had time to ask questions about college life along with any other questions we had. Actually I would say we got a little taste of the college life sitting though lectures, doing labs, taking notes, walking around and catching the bus. Now that we are back in school we will start from the very beginning of the turkey IL-8 Protein we were working on.

-Due Aug. 7, 2016 by midnight

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